Double Drop D: DADgbd

This tuning is very similar to Drop D, except instead of dropping just one E, you drop them both. It’s also widely known as Double D Down, or Double D and famously used in such songs as Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl and The End by The Doors.

Step 1: Lower the Lowest E to D

Starting from standard tuning, pluck the D string (4th) and the low E string (6th string or the fattest string) in unison and then lower or loosen the sting, until the pitches are the same. (i.e. exactly the same as Drop D)

Step 2: Lower the Highest E to D

Use the 4th string (D) or the low E string (6th string) to get the right pitch. Loosen the peg on your thinnest string until the pitch is the same as the D.

You should now have three D strings: the sixth, fourth and first.

String Standard Double Drop D
6 E D
5 A A
4 D D
3 g g
2 b b
1 e d