Open G: D G D G B D

This tuning is also often referred to as “Spanish Tuning”. Open G is similar to Open D tuning in that both are major chord tunings with the same intervals between strings. However, these intervals are shifted one string toward the treble as compared to Open D.

You might have noticed that in standard guitar tuning the open second, third, and fourth strings are the same three notes of a G chord: D, G, and B. To arrive at Open G, you simply need to tune the other three strings to notes of a G chord as well.

From standard tuning, tune the first, fifth and sixth strings down one whole-step. Now you are in Open G tuning. The following chart shows you to how tune to Open G from standard, and how to fine tune the tuning once you have arrived there.

StringsStandardD G D G B DChanges
6EDLower 1 whole-step
5AGLower 1 whole-step
1EDLower 1 whole-step