Open D Major: DADf#ad

Open D is arguably one of the nicest sounding tunings and also one of the easiest ones to play. This tuning is very powerful and rich because of the voicing of the open strings.

Open D is very similar to Dsus4 Tuning. Starting from standard you lower the first, second, and sixth strings one whole step. And then lower the third string one half-step to an F#.

These instructions assume you are starting in Standard Tuning.

Step 1: The 6th String - D

Use the 4th string D as a reference tone. Pluck the two together or alternate between them and loosen the 6th string tuning peg.

Step 2: The 3rd String - f#

Since we started in Standard Tuning, the 5th string and the 4th string remain the same (A and D respectively). Use the 4th fret of the 4th string as a reference tone for F#.

Pluck the 4th string and 3rd string together or alternate pick them and loosen the tuning peg of 3rd sting until the pitches are the same to. Since you’re only going down a half step it won’t be much more than a quarter turn on most guitars.

Step 3: The 2nd String - a

Use the open 5th string (A) as a reference tone. Pluck the 2nd string and 5th string together and loosen the 2nd string tuning peg until the pitches harmonize.

Step 4: The 1st String - d

Use the open 4th string D as a reference tone. Pluck the 1st string and 4th string together then loosen the 1st string tuning peg so the pitches match up.

Try strumming the open strings once you’re tuned up. It should sound like a D major chord. If you have troubles try using this tuner.

String Standard Open D Major
6 E D
5 A A
4 D D
3 g f#
2 b a
1 e d