Open D Minor: D A D F A D

Open D Minor is simply a variation of Open D Major. The third string is lowered one tone from Open D Major, making it sound like a minor rather than a major.

Open D Major consists of D F# A, and Open D Minor consists of D F A emdash; all that needs to be done to get from Open D Major to Open D minor is to drop the F# to an F.

Like Open D Major, D minor is a very rich and resonant sounding tuning.

Getting into Open D Minor

I suggest first tuning to Open D Major, then simply lower the 3rd string one step to an F.

StringsStandardD A D F A DChanges
6EDLower 1 whole-step
3GFLower 1 whole-step
2BALower 1 whole-step
1EDLower 1 whole-step