Dsus4: DADgad

This tuning has a colorful history and is popular among Celtic players. It’s sometimes referred to by the notes in it’s name “Dad Gad”. All the intervals in Dsus4 are perfect 4ths except one very small interval of one whole step between the G and A strings.

Having a major second interval like this can open up some possibilities. These instructions assume that your guitar is currently in Standard Tuning.

Step 1: The 6th String - D

Pluck the 4th string (D) and the 6th string (E) in unison and loosen the 6th string tuning peg until the pitches are the same (exactly the same as Double Drop D).

Step 2: The 2nd String - A

Pluck the 2nd string (B) and the 5th string (A) together and loosen the 2nd string tuning peg until the pitches are in harmony.

Step 3: The 1st String - d

Use the 4th string (D) as a reference tone. Loosen the peg on your 1st string (E) until the pitch is the same as the 4th string (D).

Remembering DADGAD

If you look at the pattern below you may notice that the 2nd string (A) is the only difference between Double Drop D and this tuning. Keep that in mind if you like this tuning as it will help you remember how to quickly get into it.

String Double Drop D Dsus4
6 D D
5 A A
4 D D
3 g g
2 b a
1 d d