Drop D: DADgbe

If you haven’t tried an alternate tuning before, Drop D is a great place to start. Follow the tutorial below or use our handy online guitar tuner.

Drop D tuning is one of the simplest guitar tunings out there, when your guitar is in Drop D you can easily form a power chord by barring your finger across the fattest 3 strings of any fret. This can be shifted around rather quickly up and down the fretboard always forming a power chord.

The only difference in Drop D from Standard is the fattest string is tuned down a whole tone to a D rather than an E. Learn from these instructions and you’ll always be able to switch into Drop D on the fly.

Step 1: Get into Standard Tuning

You’ll want to start in Standard Tuning aka; E-A-D-g-b-e. Once your there you’ll only have to modify one string.

Step 2: The 6th String - D

Since you’re already in Standard Tuning all you have to do is pluck the D string (4th string down) and the low E string (the fattest string) together and then loosen the tuning peg so it lowers the pitch of that string from an E to a D. Fiddle with the tuning peg until the pitches are the same.

That’s all there is to it! Bar the bottom 3 strings with your index finger and you can now play an instant power chord.

String Standard Drop D
6 E D
5 A A
4 D D
3 g g
2 b b
1 e d